If you’re an athlete, you need chiropractic care from a doctor with specialized sports training. Oakland Sports Chiropractic is your best resource for high-quality sports-related chiropractic care in Oakland County! 

What Nutrition Plan Is Right For You?

At Oakland Sports Chiropractic, all our nutrition consultants are highly educated and experienced, so you recieve care that will get you the best long term results. We are here to guide you through all the “trending” nutrition advice by working to figure out what nutrition plan is right for YOU! We offer many different nutritional services including holistic nutrition, weight loss, sports nutrition, prenatal/postnatal, fertility and general healthy eating advice.


Health Concerns Or Individual Gene Variants?

Those seeking a nutrition plan focused on health concerns or individual gene variants can schedule a functional medicine session with Dr. Chelsea Markus-Hauswirth.  

Dr. Markus will look at your body functionally, included a very detailed history, and make individualized recommendations based on her findings. She has helped many women conceive naturally, balance out hormones, recover from allergies/autoimmune diseases, improve/reverse chronic metabolic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, and helped many individuals lose the “stubborn” weight that won’t budge. She goes through the details of your body’s biochemistry, to make sure you are eating, drinking and absorbing all the nutrients properly.


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Do I have to be a chiropractic patient in order to receive other services at your location?

No! Anyone is welcome to schedule a massage, nutrition session, personal training session, group exercise class or join one of our wellness challenges/classes. You do not need to be under chiropractic care to schedule these services.

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