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Do you take Insurance?

Dr. Mosure is out of network with insurance companies, however we are happy to give you an itemized receipt for services rendered to submit to your insurance company. Most HSA and FSA accounts will cover services rendered in our office. 

What should I expect from my first visit?

Oakland Sports Chiropractic prides itself on helping individuals achieve their health and wellness goals. We feel optimal health is achieved best by understanding the whole system and working with you on an individual level. Our treatment and care plans are designed individually for you, and we take the time to get to know you fully and understand your goals. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and helping you get results!

Chiropractic Care:

Your first chiropractic visit will last approximately 1 hour, and will usually involve some sort of movement assessment. While not required, casual or athletic style clothing is preferred so we can fully assess joint and movement mechanics. Dr. Mosure will complete a comprehensive history and exam, and will typically give you some sort of home care at the end of the first visit. Adjustments are usually not given on the initial visit. Your second visit will also last approximately 1 hour. This visit will consist of a detailed report of findings from your exam, including projected care plan, followed by your initial adjustment (if indicated). All additional visits range about 15-30 minutes.  We request a 24 hour notice for any cancellations for Chiropractic care.


Expect to feel relaxed and rejuvenated! Please arrive approximately 15 minutes early for your initial massage to fill out any paperwork and discuss your primary goals with your massage therapist. Loose fitting clothes are preferred, as your skin may be oily after the massage. Your massage therapist will guide you to the massage room and discuss your goals and level of comfort prior to the massage. Sessions range from 30-90 minutes, and may include heat, soft music and additional modalities. 

What is the cost of care?

You can expect an initial sports chiropractic exam to cost approximately $275. All follow up visits are approximately $80-$130, depending on services rendered.


Will you take X-rays? If so, will they be done on-site?

Dr. Mosure does not require X-rays as part of her chiropractic technique, however if X-rays are medically indicated she will prescribe them for proper diagnosis and care. X-rays are not taken on site. If they are needed we will refer you to a local outpatient facility of your choice.

How long will my care plan take?

Every patient’s care plan is unique, so there is not one solid answer. A typical care plan will consist of 5-10 visits over a 3-6 month period. You can expect to see results in approximately 2-3 sessions. 

Why should I pay more at your office when I could see another chiropractor cheaper?

Dr. Mosure is a specialist in her field. The care you receive here is more comprehensive and includes a very individualistic approach to care. A typical visit is approximately 15-30 minutes long, (most chiropractors are 5-10 minutes) and we look at the whole body instead of just the spine. We find this approach is quite different than a typical chiropractic office, and leads to faster results in less time. Long term, we find it’s actually cheaper to see Dr. Mosure, as you will not need as many visits as you would with a typical chiropractor to get long lasting results.

Will you adjust me on my first visit?

Dr. Mosure does not usually adjust on the first visit, although it is a case by case decision. If you are in pain, she will perform some sort of service to help relieve the pain if it can safely be performed.

How long is a typical visit?

A typical sports chiropractic visit is 15-30 minutes. You can expect your first two visits to be approximately 60 minutes each.

I’m not an athlete. Can I still receive care at your office?

Of course! We believe everyone is an athlete, as Life is an athletic event. We can help anyone perform at their best!

What makes you different than other chiropractors?

Dr. Mosure holds multiple specialties in the chiropractic field. Her advanced training allows her to treat more than just the spine, and allows her to perform additional techniques and procedures to help your entire body function at it’s best. Please check out her bio for more information.

Do you see kids and infants?

Yes! Our basis for movement starts right at birth. It’s important to make sure infants and children are completing their milestones not only on time, but in the correct movement pattern. Dr. Mosure can help infants and toddlers reach their milestones properly, and help kids and young athletes perform at their best so they can establish a healthy, pain free, active lifestyle down the road!

Do you see pregnant women?

Yes! Pregnancy affects our bodies in many different ways and chiropractic can be a huge help during that time. Sports chiropractic is especially helpful as we can help moms-to-be keep active and moving, not only during pregnancy, but can help them have a successful fertility and postpartum goals.

Do I have to be a chiropractic patient in order to receive other services at your location?

No! Anyone is welcome to schedule a massage, nutrition session, personal training session, group exercise class or join one of our wellness challenges/classes. You do not need to be under chiropractic care to schedule these services.

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