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Do you want to get back to doing the things you love? Do you experience pain on a daily basis due to a sports-related injury? With our focus on optimal movement and performance, you’ll see the results you’re looking for fast!


We’ll look at your spine and other joints to ensure your muscles, tissues, and nervous system are functioning optimally. Dr. Mosure-Judge looks at all components of movement, not just biomechanics.

Become a better athlete

- Sports chiropractic

- Functional training

- Corrective exercise

- Sports nutrition

- Nervous system

- Extremity chiropractic

- Massage therapy

- Whole body approach


We also use proper training, nutrition,

and a mental approach to promote healing.

Personalized chiropractic care

Sports Chiropractors have all the training of traditional chiropractors, with an additional two or more years of sports specific training and experience, followed by a certification exam. Once passing the exam, they can utilize the designation of Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician ® .  This means a better understanding of how you move, your training protocols, injury mechanisms, sports performance and treatment options that can get you performing better, faster.  Sports Chiropractic also utilizes additional therapies such as manual therapy, instrument-guided mobilization, corrective exercise, functional rehabilitation, sports nutrition and extremity adjustments to get you results that last.

Top-quality sports chiropractic care

If you’re an athlete, you need chiropractic care from a doctor with specialized sports training. Oakland Sports Chiropractic is your best resource for high-quality sports-related chiropractic care in Oakland County! Not an athlete? That’s ok! Everyone is an athlete at Oakland Sports Chiropractic. You don’t have to be in training to achieve the benefits of sports chiropractic. Life is an athletic event and Oakland Sports Chiropractic can help you move your best self forward

Sports Chiropractic: What makes us unique?