Oakland Sports Chiropractic

Meet The OSC Team

Krystle Drake, C.N.C, Billing Specialist

Krystle resides in Oxford, MI with her husband Chris, and their 3 children.  She became a Certified Nutritional Consultant in 2014 and has been working side by side with Chiropractors for 12 years. After having her children, she focused her studies on chiropractic billing and that is now her main focus at OSC. You may see her running our Whole Life Challenges and teaching our monthly wellness classes since nutrition is her true passion! The busy-multi tasking mother finds joy educating and raising her children in what she calls a “house full of health,” free of prescription and over- the-counter drugs and filled with whole foods and essential nutritional supplements.

Michael, Massage Therapist

Tina Young, Receptionist

Tina lives in Oxford, MI with her husband Mike, daughter Sydney and their two cats.  She is a certified Spin Instructor and Personal Trainer. She believes in healthful living through eating whole foods, keeping active and finding daily joy in life.  In her spare time she loves to play tennis, golf, kayak, run and cycle.  She also loves to spend time in the kitchen creating healthful food to feed her family and friends.


Michael has been practicing bodywork professionally for about two years, with focus in therapeutic sports massage, myofascial release and craniosacral therapy. He believes the real skill in bodywork is within the ability to deeply listen to what is presenting in body and mind and respond rather than a one size fits all approach, and strive to connect with each client from that mindfulness.

Michael resides in Clawson with his four year old son, Taegan and two cats Littlefoot and SunRa.

For hobby he enjoys philosophy, wood working, rock climbing, travel, playing didgeridoo, reading and meditation. His favorite quote is "Blessings and light on the path!"