Oakland Sports Chiropractic massage


Massage helps our bodies function at their peak level. Massage has been shown to improve circulation, increase range of motion, help muscles recover from injury or exercise, decrease stress, balance energy, and improve sports performance! We utilize massage to help heal from a variety of conditions and situations.


Our Licensed Massage Therapists are trained in multiple techniques and stay up to date on current research and trends in the field.  We charge only by time, not technique, and our therapists take care to get to know you as a person and your individual goals. This allows our therapists to create a customized massage that is right for you. Our charming atmosphere allows a quiet, calm environment where you can decompress, relax and enjoy your massage.


You do not need to be a chiropractic patient to receive massage at Oakland Sports Chiropractic, these services are open to the public. Take time to work on yourself by booking a massage today! Call 248-783-7169 to schedule.


Massage Prices:*


30 Minute Session: $33


60 Minute Session: $65


90 Minute Session: $96


Massage techniques may include: myofascial release,  Swedish, PNF, craniosacral, muscle energy technique, prenatal, Reflexology, Hot Stone, Cupping, Reiki, Polarity, and more.


*Massage Packages also available

We’re happy to work with your trainer, physical therapist, or doctor! Call us at 248-783-7169 to learn more.

Whether you are looking to relax or recover from an injury, our massage services are right for you!

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