Oakland Sports Chiropractic Gym

In essence, to perform at your best, you have to function at your best. That’s where our highly- skilled, compassionate team comes in. Dr. Mosure-Judge will evaluate every aspect of your body’s movement to help you achieve optimal results. We use the work of Liebenson, Cook, Janda, Myers and many others. Our services include: •Functional training •  Performance training • Functional rehab • Sports performance • Corrective exercise • Kinetic chain assessment •  Sports nutrition

We’re happy to work with your trainer, physical therapist, or doctor! Call us at 248-783-7169 to learn more.



What is functional training?

It’s a popular term that describes your training and physical fitness, but is really looking at the integration of the whole body during movement. It’s extremely important to make sure your movement is as functional as possible while training to give you the best outcome and prevent injury.


Dr. Mosure-Judge utilizes a unique approach to functional movement that coincides with the work you may be doing with your physical therapist, personal trainer or coach, or she can help you get started in functional training so you can begin an exercise or training routine on the right foot.

Correcting movement from the start

Functional training and rehabilitation isn’t about just doing core strengthening and work in the gym. It’s figuring out where the cause of dysfunctional movement is coming from, or the “weak link”, and correcting the pathway of the brain that is controlling the movement. Typically this is done through working with the Neuro-myofascial web, which integrates how the brain is working with the rest of the body to create movement and function. These dysfunctional patterns can appear shortly after birth, and if left untreated, may lead to decreased performance and risk of injury.