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Oakland Sports Chiropractic offers a wide variety of group classes for the general public to enjoy. Many of our classes are offered as a “series”, allowing you to have flexibility when scheduling and will help with accountability! To sign up for any class listed below please call the office at 248-783-7169.

We’re happy to work with your trainer, physical therapist, or doctor! Call us at 248-783-7169 to learn more.



Yogastrong is a one hour comprehensive class.  Consisting of the perfect marriage between strength training and yoga.  This class finds a balance between more vigorous resistance and weight training movements with the flexibility and fluidity of yoga.  All levels are welcomed and accommodated for throughout class.  Whether you have never stepped foot into a yoga studio or gym you will comfort in our welcoming environment.  This class will use various  pieces of equipment such as resistance bands and free weights.  All equipment and mats are provided for you.  If you love to sweat at the gym but enjoy the peace of yoga this class if for you!  Come and enjoy an hour for yourself!


Did you know that flexibility involves more than just stretching? This 1 hour class series takes you through multiple types of flexibility training to help you increase your range of motion, decrease pain, increase performance, and feel your best. Various mobility training aspects will be covered, including: foam rolling, PIR, Dynamic Stretching, Static Stretching, Active Isolated Stretching, and Muscle Energy Techniques. Sign up to learn a new skill, or to work with a group to keep you accountable on your mobility! All exercise levels welcome.

Wellness Classes

Oakland Sports Chiropractic offers various classes and nutrition programs throughout the year. These classes focus on various aspects of a healthy, natural lifestyle such as: Toxin-free living, Paleo Diet, Summer Sports Training, Natural Health, Healthy Relationships, Natural Pregnancy, Self-care, and more!

Workplace Wellness

We can come to you! Oakland Sports Chiropractic offers various corporate/workplace “lunch and learn” style classes. These classes are designed to help your employees stay active and healthy, helping you reduce sick time, increase productivity, and offer healthy advantages to your employees. Topics range from exercise, nutrition, ergonomics, chair massage, sports injuries and more. For more information please email Dr. Mosure at drmosure@oaklandsportschiropractic.com or call the office: 248-783-7169.